Norfolk Tidal Surge – The Aftermath – Cromer, Blakeney, Wells & Brancaster

On December 5th much of the UK’s coast was battered by the worst tidal surge and floods since 1953.

This set of images was taken 3 and a half days after the event.  This should give some sort of idea as some of the damage had already been cleared at this point.  My trip took me up the North Norfolk Coast from Cromer up to Brancaster, via Blakeney and Wells.  This is just a small number of places that have been hit and received damage.

One thing has struck me since last week.  The Norfolk spirit, which I never for one minute thought would not kick in, has actually kicked in above and beyond.  Stories are coming out of many places where people are getting together as a community to help each other.

There has never been a more important time to support your local businesses.  100’s if not 1000’s of businesses have been affected so lets make sure we show them our support.


_MG_2742b _MG_2743b _MG_2744b _MG_2745b _MG_2746b _MG_2747b _MG_2748b _MG_2749b _MG_2750b _MG_2751b _MG_2752b _MG_2753b _MG_2754b _MG_2756b _MG_2757b _MG_2758b _MG_2759b _MG_2760b _MG_2762b _MG_2763b _MG_2764b _MG_2765a _MG_2766a _MG_2767a _MG_2768a _MG_2769a _MG_2770a _MG_2771a _MG_2772a _MG_2773a _MG_2774a _MG_2776a _MG_2777a _MG_2778a _MG_2779a _MG_2781a _MG_2782a _MG_2783a _MG_2784a _MG_2786a _MG_2787a _MG_2788a _MG_2792b _MG_2794a _MG_2796a _MG_2797a _MG_2799a _MG_2741b


_MG_3044a _MG_3047a _MG_3048a _MG_3049a _MG_3050b _MG_3054b _MG_3057b _MG_3058a _MG_3059a _MG_3060a


_MG_2805a _MG_2807a _MG_2809a _MG_2810a _MG_2811a _MG_2812a _MG_2813a _MG_2814a _MG_2815a _MG_2816a _MG_2817a _MG_2818a _MG_2819a _MG_2820a


_MG_2825a8 _MG_2826a _MG_2827a _MG_2828a _MG_2830a

Finally, yesterday I felt I needed to do something to help.  Norfolk, and it’s beauty have been kind to me with my photography, so it was time to give something back.   I spent a few hours at the National Trust Brancaster premises, doing what I could in the clean up process. The Norfolk Coast NT have had many areas affected  Here I am at work



2 thoughts on “Norfolk Tidal Surge – The Aftermath – Cromer, Blakeney, Wells & Brancaster

  1. Your pictures are accurate – I wish NNDC had had them as we were told twice that our beach hut was destroyed – it is tipped over at Cromer – one of the 12 salvageable ones. it is also very pleasing to see the diggers – we hope the NNDC will help us lift ‘Smugglers Top’ back up! Thanks – really sobering though.

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